10 Medication Tips

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Proper medication management is an important part of remaining independent. Check out these tips to stay on top of it!

MedReady Medication Dispenser

MedReady Medication Dispenser

  1. Make sure all of your doctors and specialists communicate with each other on all medications and conditions.
  2. Make sure you understand how and when to take ALL of your medications.
  3. Select any over the counter products to treat only symptoms you have.
  4. Make sure all medications are clearly labeled and in original containers. If you have trouble reading a prescription label, ask for larger-print type or use a magnifying glass.
  5. Never take medication in the dark.
  6. Know what your medications look like. If it doesn’t look the same, contact your pharmacy or the national Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222.
  7. Only take the amount prescribed for you. Doubling up on medication will not make you better twice as fast. Never take someone else’s medication.
  8. Never stop taking a medication just because you feel better. If you stop too soon you could hinder recovery or cause a reoccurrence.
  9. Develop a system for taking your medication. Use a container system. Use a timer if you are having problems taking medication at the right time. Get prescriptions refilled before you need them to avoid running out.
  10. Before traveling, discuss your medications and any time changes with your doctor. Carry all medications with you instead of packing them in your suitcase.

Alert Response is happy to offer medication management to help you stay organized and on time with your medication. Our medication dispensers will alarm up to four times a day and have a handy lock and key. If you would like more information about how Alert Response can help you maintain your independence, give us a call today: (888) 871-2879


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