A quick guide to Hospice Care pt. 2

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In our last blog post, we told you about what Hospice does. In this post we are going to discuss choosing a Hospice.

Your first question might be about finding a Hospice care.

Here are some suggestions as to where to start:


The next question you might have is who pays for Hospice Care? As with most healthcare related expenses, there are typically four different pay options:

  • Medicare – To get payment from Medicare, the agency must be approved by Medicare to provide hospice services.
  • Medicaid – This kicks in after Medicare.
  • Private Insurance – Be sure to ask your provider about Hospice and Home Care.
  • Private pay – If this is a last resort, talk to your Hospice provider about discounted options.

This concludes our quick guide to Hospice care. Keep in mind that Alert Response medical alert devices can be set to have your Hospice Caregiver as a first responder.




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