Medication Management Services: Med Reminder and MedReady

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We recently linked to a site that talked about new products in the field of medication management, which got us thinking that we haven’t spent very much time in this blog talking about the actual uses of our two medication management services. So let’s look at them.


We have two services: Med Reminder Medication Management and the MedReady. Each dispenser can hold up to 28 doses. The big difference between the two is information available and communication.


Med ReminderThe Med Reminder looks more similar to a pill box and flashes when the compartment is ready. In addition, the Med Reminder can send alerts via phone call, text message, and email. It also keeps records so caregivers or nurses can easily keep track and weekly reports can be emailed.


The MedReady, on the other hand, is all about simplicity. The MedReady



keeps a timer, and when that timer is up, the MedReady emits a sound to alert you that it is time to take the medication. The MedReady only has one door, meaning you don’t have to take any time figuring out which dosage is correct. You open the door and the exact right medicine is presented to you: no guessing! It’s as simple as can be.


Our goal is to help organizing and remembering to take meds as easy as possible.


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