Do you have a tornado plan?

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Spring is finally here (!) and it’s exciting for many different reasons. Some people look

Texas Storm

Texas Storm

forward to the extra hour of sunshine at the end of the day. For others, it kicks off baseball season. Gardening, green grass, and the general feeling of things coming alive are also happy spring things. For us in the Midwest, we also know that spring kicks off tornado season. In light of the recent bad weather, it’s time to check out your tornado preparedness. Please review this checklist with your senior loved ones- it could save their life.

Tornado preparedness  tips:

Be prepared. That probably seems like common sense, right? but tornados continue to take people by surprise. Sometimes there is little to no warning, and sometimes people are so accustomed to sirens that they ignore the seriousness. If you live in tornado alley, don’t wait until you hear sirens to panic and scramble  for supplies. Pre-pack necessities in a bag and have it in a ready to go place.

Have a tornado kit. What should you put in it? Put in it things that you would need should you be trapped. These things include flashlights, batteries, wather radio, water, non-perishable food  items. Don’ forget to include anything your pets might need, particularly leashes.

Own a weather radio that doesn’t require electricity. If you have a power outage you need to know what’s going on. Try a radio that has batteries and a hand crank.

Batteries. I mentioned batteries above, but I’ll say it again because it is important. Also take mind to get various sizes for flashlights and the radio.

Make friends with someone nearby that have a shelter. Or, if you have a shelter, invite others to take cover with you if needed.

Blankets and a first aid kit. Use your blanket to try to protect yourself from little shards of debris and keep the first aid kit handy to treat any cuts that might occur.

Purse/wallet. If something should happen to your home, you will want your ID, credit cards, and cash in case you have to temporarily relocate.

Food and water. Common sense, but don’t forget to pack the same for your pets.

Sturdy shoes. If you have to maneuver through  a debris field of glass, metal, and splinters, you do not want to do it in flip flops or  house shoes.

Portable Alert Response Medical Alert System

Portable Alert Response Medical Alert System

Your Alert Response Medical Alert System. The portable version will allow you to connect directly to help and it does not require a landline telephone line or electricity. The button will also use GPS to locate you, allowing help to find you as quick as possible.




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