Falls, Injuries, and Anxiety

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According to the CDC, among older adults, falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal stressed maninjuries. Today, the Huffington Post published an article entitledFalls, Injuries, and Anxiety: Breaking the vicious cycle. This is a topic near and dear to our hearts at Alert Response. It’s an unfortunate part of aging, but fall risks increase due to escalating health problems and medications that affect balance. This starts a chain of events that is difficult to break. When a person has experienced a fall, naturally they fear it happening again, increasing anxiety for which they may be medicated. The medication may cause dizziness, increasing their risk of falling again.

“Once someone has experienced the trauma of a fall, they can develop a fear of falling again. The CDC also reports that “this fear may cause them to limit their activities, which leads to reduced mobility and loss of physical fitness, and in turn increases their actual risk of falling.”

How do you break that cycle? The article goes on to provide tips on preventing future falls, an important part of doing that comes from learning to accept changing limitations and still trying to maintain some activity and flexibility.

If your loved one is experiencing anxiety about falling, please check out our medical alert products. While we cannot prevent falls, we can ensure that help is available quickly in case of an emergency. If there fall risk is due to mixing up medications, our medication dispenser can help with organization and remind them when it is time for a dose.


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