Alert Response PERS

Chronic disease constitutes roughly 75 percent of all health care spending. In an attempt to provide a more affordable way of dealing with chronic illness, Alert Response has announced a turnkey solution designed to enable doctors and caregivers a way to monitor daily vital signs.

With the Alert Response Telehealth Program, a provider has access to a client’s daily vital signs. This is a great way to evaluate their health between doctor visits. And with online access for caretakers, you’re able to monitor a client’s vital signs remotely.

Vitals Monitoring DeviceVitals Monitoring DeviceDigital Scale

The Vitals System monitors:

  • Blood Pressure and Heart Rate – Blood pressure monitoring is most often used with patients who have congestive heart failure and hypertension.
  • Weight –  Scales are most effective in controlling obesity in diabetes patients and for detecting early warning signs of CHF as well as hypertension.
  • Blood Glucose – Our Telehealth system is compatible with 90 percent of the glucometers on the market today. So patients don’t need to switch glucometers to participate in the telehealth program.
  • Oxygen Saturation – Worn on the fingertip of the pointer (index) finger, the pulse oximeter device determines the level of oxygen in the blood.

How it works:

An Alert Response installer will install a convenient, easy-to-use modem in the client’s home. The modem can be used with or without a landline. Our Care Center’s team of clinicians and representatives observes the vitals and determines if they are in line with expectations. If our system determines that they are outside of the predetermined parameters, we contact the client to ensure that they are OK and then contact clinical professionals to triage the client, helping them avoid hospitalization. Our active monitoring ensures that clients get the help that they need.

If we do not receive vital signs within a specific time frame and according to the client’s Care Plan, we call the client and give them a friendly reminder to take their vitals. We then follow up as necessary with caregivers or health care professionals.

The Vitals Monitoring Program is configured to meet your individual needs. Contact our office for pricing.