Senior Care Part 1: What is involved?

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As people reach a certain age range, they tend to develop limitations in their functions and shot of a beautiful daughter pushing her elderly fathercapabilities. When they are unable to perform their regular duties, oftentimes assistance from someone else becomes necessary. Asking for help can be difficult and depending on others for  physical assistance can be uncomfortable.  It is important to remember that if you are a care giver.

The best way to provide genuine care and assistance is to understand recent changes and needs. Keep in mind that, even though they require assistance, they still have goals of their own and now they just need more help to accomplish those things. If you are accustomed to being independent, then you might not understand the feeling of losing control and losing your independence. It is therefore important for you, as the caregiver, to boost your seniors confidence about their abilities. Not only is it good for their mental health, but it will help develop trust.

What is Involved?

Aside from the physical and emotional difficulty involved in elderly care, it involves both a medical and non-medical aspect. To ensure that only quality care and service are provided, consider the following issues:

  • Take into consideration changing needs and abilities and make sure their living space can accommodate.
  • Find reliable legal help and support to answer questions about power of attorney, wills and trusts, etc.
  • Determine their financial responsibilities including regular living expenses and any new expenses that accrue as a part of their new level of care.
  • Hire nurses or caregivers for additional assistance or when no one in the family is able to provide that service. Respite care can provide a short, welcome break for caregivers who feel overwhelmed.
  • Keep on top of health issues associated with aging as well as any specific things that pop up.
  • Try to keep the senior active  to combat any feelings of sadness or depression that might develop with declining health and loss of abilities.

Do not be afraid to seek out help. Caregiver burn out is a real thing and can cause early death. Alert Response has medical alert systems that help caregivers feel safer leaving their loved one home alone as well as well as medication dispensers to keep meds as simple as possible.



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