What is causing my balance probems?

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Dizziness when standing or sitting too quickly.

Dizziness when standing or sitting too quickly.

As we discussed in our last post, losing the ability to balance can lead to other serious problems, like losing confidence to move about safely, losing socializing activities and feeling isolated, and of course, depression.

When a loss of balance is experienced, it is important to figure out the underlying cause. There are many common causes, like medications that cause dizziness and other health conditions that lead to shortness in breath.

Are you familiar with things that can cause poor balance?


Check out these common causes from Eldergym.com

  • Decreased vision can lead to falls due to not seeing clearly.
  • Hips, legs and joints can become weaker making it harder to walk.
  • Poor posture or spinal degeneration making it harder to stand erect.
  • The ability to lift our feet decreases and we can stumble.
  • It takes longer to react when something is in the way.
  • Many drugs interact causing dizziness or decrease balance.
  • Low blood pressure can lead to light-headedness increasing our risk of falls.

Could these causes be preventing you or your loved one to struggle with balance?

If you have a fall risk due to any of the above reasons (or for a reason not listed, please seek medical advice. If you are worried about falling while at home alone, please contact us at Alert Response to see if we can help.




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