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When I think of Nintendo, I tend to think of time spent fighting Bowser and chasing Princess Peach from castle to castle. I think of the rivalry between Mario and Luigi and my sister and I as we zoomed our players around the treacherous Rainbow Road. When the Wii came out, it changed the game. I was still as competitive as ever, but it involved more than just sitting on my rear pushing buttons. I was swinging at baseballs, serving up an ace serve, and perfecting my bowling swing. I never imagined that this game would someday help me exercise.

Senior centers all across the United States have added things like the Nintendo Wii and the X Box Kinect to their activities calendars. Some have even formed Wii bowling leagues! Aside from being fun, studies have shown that playing the Wii Fit can improve balance and help seniors avoid falls.

Wii Fit offers many activities cleverly camouflaged as games that help improve balance and strength. It also effects the brain the same as exercise, increasing levels of dopamine and improving mood. Plus it’s just good fun. Check out this 97 year old Grandma dancing along with her Wii!


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