Winter – Spring and aallllll the temperatures in between

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Mother Natures gets a little moody this time of year, doesn’t she? A week ago we were frozen cherriesexperiencing freezing rain and drizzle, today it’s 75 degrees. This isn’t a new phenomenon, but if you are caring for a senior loved one, there are a couple things to keep in mind:

  1. Check the temperature of their house before you leave. While it’s 75 degrees during the day, it might still drop below freezing over night.  If they have mobility issues, closing the windows in the evening might be difficult for them. Make sure the house will be warm enough over night.
  2. If you are leaving the house, make sure to pack some layers. The warm afternoon temps can lead to cool evening temps, a light sweater and/or a jacket will be much appreciated after the sun sets.
  3. Watching the weather channel is helpful, but if you’ve lived in the Midwest long enough, you know that it can be pretty unpredictable. Do you have safety plans if the weather changes quickly while you’re out? Is your car prepared for inclement weather?
  4. Does your loved one have a way to call for help if they lose power or have an emergency during bad weather? Our Alert Response Medical Alert Systems have a back-up battery, so they can be used even if power is lost.

Those are just a couple things to keep in mind during this weird weather time. What tips do you have to share?




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