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Our Lone Worker Safety Devices Come With a Suite of Tracking & Communication Features

Stand-alone Device – no need to pair with cell phone.

2-way communication- instant communication with emergency services.

Panic button- discreet in a pocket, belt clip, or pendant.

Real-time GPS tracking.

With increasing rates of violence, accident risk, and other daily danger faced by lone workers, employee safety has become a priority for School Districts across America. Our lone worker safety devices are discreet, easy-to-use, and can immediately call for help using the panic button feature.

Help Protect Your Healthcare Staff

Nurses and Caregivers experience more non-fatal incidents of workplace violence than police or correction officers*

61% of female home care workers experienced at least one type of workplace violence/aggression in the year prior to the study*.

Protect Teachers and Students in their classrooms

Our lone worker safety device allows for their instant communication with emergency services and administrators in the event of danger.

Standalone Device: No need to pair with cellphone.

2-Way Communication: Teachers have direct 2-way communication during an emergency event.

GPS Tracking: Track device location in real-time with interactive maps